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School Council

At Ross Public School, we believe that parents are important and make a real difference to children's learning. When parents are involved children do better and achieve more. School Council allows everyone involved in school life - parents, learners, teachers, school staff and the wider community to work together to support the school. It also allows all parents to have a say in their children's education by affording the opportunity to express their views and ideas.

Get To Know Your Ross School Advisory Council
School Advisory Councils can play a vital role in the education system The partnership that is created between an effective School Advisory Council and the School helps to build mutual understanding and interaction between the school and its community, resulting in benefits to both! Your involvement in the sharing of information and feedback with the school on behalf of the school community can help the school identify and respond to the educational needs of the school.

At Ross, your SAC is comprised of a small group of parents who meet 4 to 6 times a year to share ideas, discuss issues, and work toward enriching the academic, athletic & aesthetic environment for each student at Ross School.

Purpose: We, the Ross School family, a gathering of parents, community members, and school staff, desire the best for our children. We want to be supportive of the staff, the immediate community of parents and caregivers, and the extended community of neighbours and other stakeholders. To achieve these goals, we commit the best of our energies and abilities to participate in developing and maintaining our school family.

Mission: To enhance the development of an enjoyable learning environment, to promote the academic, athletic, social and artistic experiences of all individuals involved at Ross School, and to encourage Ross students to productively serve their future community.


1. Encourage Learning

We will research and finance materials, equipment, training, and field trips that assist our children’s academic growth through a balanced learning diet of literacy, numeracy, social studies, science, the arts and music, and physical fitness. In addition, we will volunteer time to help these activities succeed both in and out of the classroom setting, and within the structure and guidance provided by school staff. Specific objectives will be established and reviewed every school year.

2. Develop Relationships

To assist in our children’s emotional and social growth, we will teach our children how to maintain safe and healthy relationships to avoid bullying and other time-consuming, distracting behaviours and research and provide support for all parents as we help our children through the challenges of maturing into kind, respectful, and contributing people.

3. Honour and Respect Each Other

In a framework of respect, we will provide a forum for parents’ concerns and compliments to be voiced, and discussed, and for solutions and target to be established to reach consensus on expectations. As parents, we will approach sensitive issues with tact and confidentiality. By establishing a welcoming and open atmosphere, we will also request presentations and information from school staff to reinforce the team effort and example we are all practicing for our children.

4. Serve Our Community

We will look for practical ways to serve our community and its members through activities that restore and protect the physical environment, build relationships and trust, celebrate children and learning, and give to the future generations who will attend Ross School.

To inquire about becoming a member of our school council, please call Ross Public School at (905) 734-4273, or send us an email.